We are an accredited institution of the National Institute of Open Schooling, under, “Special Accredited Institutions for the Education of the Disadvantaged” [SAIED], Government of India, at par with the CBSE Board. Vide accreditation No. 450024. Open Schooling is Student friendly: Offers Subject Choice, personal pace, well-spaced Assessments etc.

At Asha Kiran, a child is expected to achieve at a level consistent with his/ her God given ability. Our students have access to One to One Education/ Group Learning/ Indoors/ Outdoors.Curricular materials are widely varied to cater for individual needs.

We aim to establish independence in learning, for the joy of it!


The system

The division of children in this system is as follows:


Level A (Class 1-3)

Level B (Class 4-5)

Level C (Class 6-8)

Secondary (Class 10)

Senior Secondary (Class 11-12)